Program services at Lakeside Academy

Lakeside Academy offers residential programs for boys in need of out-of-home placements, girls who are struggling with behavior problems, and boys with sexually aggressive behaviors. Boys and girls reside separately and attend classes separately. All students are constantly monitored and supervised by staff.

Boys Residential Program

The residential program is a highly structured program for male youth who are in need of an out-of-home placement. The average length of stay is six to nine months. The program’s goal is to prepare young men for a positive future by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Once identified, staff and students work together to enhance the student’s positive qualities and promote social change through normative culture influence.

Boys Adolescent Sexual Offender Treatment Program

The Adolescent Sexual Offender Treatment Program serves males, ages 12 to 18, with sexually aggressive behaviors. Anticipated average length of stay will be nine to 15 months. The treatment philosophy focuses on behavioral and cognitive change through the establishment of a positive peer culture, as well as offender-specific treatment services.

Girls Residential Program

Lakeside Academy operates a highly structured residential program for girls, ages 12 to 18, who are struggling with behavior problems such as aggression, substance abuse, anger management, lying, or school failure. Girls in need of an out-of-home placement can expect to work toward a positive change during their average six- to nine-month stay at the academy. Once goals are identified both staff and students cooperate to utilize the students’ strengths and promote lasting change through a normative culture.

Providing Opportunities for Success