An Overview of Lakeside for Children Campus Life

At Lakeside for Children, we believe in well-rounded programming for our students that goes beyond traditional education. Below you will find an overview of campus life at Lakeside for Children.


All Lakeside students attend Lakeside Charter School on our campus. Students attend school for 6.1 hours a day, five days a week (30.5 hours per week). The school is a year-round program and maintains a flexible schedule that permits enrollment at any time in the year. School attendance is required and all missed work must be made up.

Work and Volunteer Opportunities

Lakeside students are encouraged to take on-campus jobs and engage in vocational training and volunteer opportunities on and off campus. These improve their job and social skills, help them develop a work ethic, and enhance their sense of self and community.

Physical Fitness, Training, and Athletic Competition

Students participate in daily physical fitness training, which is designed to give them the opportunity to experience the physical and emotional benefits of healthful living and exercise. Additional benefits of this training are increased self-esteem, discipline, confidence, and leadership skills.

Residents are also encouraged to participate in a variety of athletic programs on campus. Athletic competition inspires teamwork, trust, and many other qualities desired in a productive member of the community. Our non-varsity athletic programs include: badminton, basketball, cross-country running, flag football, power-lifting, soccer, volleyball, and others.

Our “Titans” compete against other schools in sports contests sanctioned by the Michigan High School Athletic Association. These include boys’ basketball, soccer, track and field, and wrestling.

Medical and Dental Care

All students admitted to Lakeside Academy will be provided with adequate medical and dental care as determined by qualified medical personnel. An initial nursing assessment takes place within 24 hours of arrival followed by a complete medical exam within one week of admission.

Religious Freedom

Students have the right to hold any religious belief. Reasonable efforts are made to allow students to attend religious services of their choice. However, the right to express or exercise these beliefs by word or action is subject to the security and rehabilitative needs of the student and the Academy.

Daily Schedule

It is important that students stay busy and occupied at Lakeside Academy. There is little idle time allowed in order to ensure maximum opportunities for growth and education and minimum opportunity for boredom and wasted time. Therefore, a daily routine is set in place to achieve these expectations, as well as a multitude of activities and facilities to foster physical and mental growth. Life on the Lakeside campus is governed by norms. A norm is the expected behavior of the group in a given situation.

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Titans Club Organization

The Lakeside Academy Titans Club is a positive group of students. The Titans Club reflects the positive peer culture’s need to identify and give exposure to acknowledged positive student leaders. A Titan serves as a role model and representative to the rest of the student body. This group of students will always hold significant influence over the peer culture in modifying behavior. For this reason, a Titan is given great opportunities, is highly recognized, responsible and held directly accountable for the functioning of the peer culture as a whole. This level of approach has proven successful in maintaining a very high level of structure at the Academy.

In order for a student to be considered for membership in the Titans Club, they must display and practice strong, positive leadership abilities or the potential to develop these skills with direction and practice. In doing so, the student will receive his/her Titan’s pledge and will be evaluated over the next several weeks on meeting expectations, completing assigned tasks, and overall leadership ability. The student will receive the Titan status upon review and recommendation of their treatment team.

Providing Opportunities for Success