Student Admission at Lakeside for Children

Referral Process

The Initial Contact Form, which summarizes the essential information on the student being referred, is completed by our staff during the first telephone call. This information includes the student’s age, gender, presenting issues, current and past placements, custody, strengths and interests, safety issues, diagnosis, and a summary of what the referral source would like to see accomplished if the student is placed.

At the conclusion of the call, we will let the referral source know:

  • Whether the Lakeside Academy program is likely to be appropriate for the student being referred, along with our rationale
  • Additional information we may need (psychological evaluation, social history, etc.)
  • The next step, such as scheduling an interview
  • A timeline for possible placement based on the steps that need to be completed

We will work with the referral source to expedite referrals and placements, including providing or assisting with transportation, arranging for interviews at a time and place that meets the referral source’s needs, talking with family members or others involved with the student as appropriate, and helping to resolve funding or logistical issues as needed.

Population Served

Students, ages 12 to 18, with a full-scale IQ of 70 or above who meet the following criteria:

• Impulsive, irresponsibility and/or lack of self-discipline
• Denial and/or justification of behavior
• History of anger and aggression
• Demonstration of a low degree of empathy
• Exhibition of poor coping skills
• Non-compliance with authority
• Amenable to treatment in a normative culture

Lakeside Academy students are absent of significant mental illness and extensive histories of self-harm or suicidal tendencies. Students are typically amenable to change, influenced by their peers’ positive influence, and ready to look toward their future successes.


Admissions Department
Lakeside Academy
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