Medical Services

A commitment to quality health care is a big part of the Lakeside mission and helps assure that all students are healthy while they are in our care. We contact parents and the agencies that place students with us in order to gather the comprehensive health care records for each student. These records follow each student brought to our campus.

Student Assessments

Within seven days of a student’s arrival, a primary care physician conducts a complete physical exam of the student. Our nurse also conducts an extensive interview and assessment. The medical staff then initiate an individual plan of care and safety for the student that our direct care staff members carry out. Students are regularly monitored for adverse health signs, such as allergies, asthma, suicidal ideation, seizures, and more.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services provided to students at Lakeside include:

  • Assessment and treatment of minor injuries, illnesses, and complaints.
  • Distribution of medications.
  • Completion of immunizations.
  • Ongoing care of unique health-related conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and seizures.
  • Routine health screenings/assessments, diagnostic services, and treatment.
  • Special dietary menus approved by a certified dietician.
  • Routine dental care.
  • Health education such as hygiene and grooming, individual health needs, and proper use of medications.

Health and Wellness

Lakeside supports health and wellness for all students and staff on our campus.

Providing Opportunities for Success